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Frequently askedquestions

I have a great idea – what next?
Share it with us! Write it down, create some sketches, visualize your idea and be as precise as possible. No masterpiece is required, just some basic drawings of screens.
You can either use a pen or any other convenient application. Balsamiq Mockups (web app trial available) can also be used.

How much time and money does it take to develop an application?
Developing depends on the complexity of an application. It may vary from 4 weeks to 5 months, budget from $4000 to $50 000. Average project length is 4 – 5 weeks and $6000 budget.

Do Codetec provide a warranty? What does it cover?
Yes, once the project is fully checked and accepted by the client, we’ll provide 60 days warranty period during which if any bug is found it will be fixed for free.

What is the plan for communication?
Once the project is started, client will be assigned a dedicated project manager. He will guide through all the development process: clarify unclear issues, report regularly, keep track of tasks and deadlines. Communication usually goes through emails and Skype chats/calls. Tools like Basecamp and Mentis can also be used.

How is the project managed?
There is no strict methodology, because we try to be as flexible as possible and use the most appropriate solutions for a particular project. Our dedicated project managers will be in charge of managing all development team on Codetec end. They will provide regular feedbacks and project builds.

How are expenses calculated for my project?
We charge both per project or per hour. Per project approach (fixed price) is recommended when requirements and timeline are clear, detailed project specification and wireframes are available. Per hour is used when project scope is not 100% clear and incremental development approach is selected.
Client is free to make changes on the fly for the approach that is being used to calculate expenses for the project.