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We’ve been diligent and active

Although our blog posts does not reflect our actual doings, we’ve been more active than ever. We’ve worked on several projects and updated our portfolio with some examples. We’ve developed new web sites, web applications and actively engaged in the development of games

Web Development

We developed a website to Bluebird Studio, which is a professional yoga and pilates Studio. It was an extremely pleasant cooperation and sincerely hope that the overall experience is reflected in the final result. We’ve now been engaged in development of a crowdfunding platform called Eurohoius for quite a long time which is about to reach its final stage of development and hopefully will be available to first users.  It has been an exciting and ambitious project for us. That also means we’ve had to face lots of different challenges. The project began by using an existing script, but very quickly it became clear that complex solutions require special approaches. We realized it’s reasonable to create the application from scratch and design software exactly as required.

Game development

We are actively engaged in the development of games both to mobile applications and computers. We’ve been participating in the development of the game Fatal Fight which has more than 5 million downloads in Google Play and AppStore. We’ve developed an interactive game to Estonia’s biggest bank Swedbank to introduce their mobile banking application in various events. It was very exciting and challenging project which made us step out from our comfort zone several times, but the end result was worth it and we are very pleased with the outcome.

We are also actively developing different mobile games, but since they are not yet released to public we can’t go into details and write about them. Hopefully we’re able to do it in the future after they are released.

Need help?

If you need a web application, game or customized software tailored to your needs, contact us! We can meet and see if we have a common understanding and vision. Send e-mail to and it will reach the right people.