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The requirements of each company are different due to their business needs and rules. Companies often encounter problems that can’t be solved by commercial software and need custom developed software adapted to its specific needs and requirements. We can help to solve this with our wide experience in custom software development. In most cases, it’s not possible to find commercial software and adapt one to fulfill its specific needs. In such case, it is essential to make a custom software.

Custom software development implies designing software that is designed and programmed for a specific functional requirement. The basic difference compared to commercial applications is that commercial softwares are designed with a general set of features to be used by a wide range of users whereas custom software is developed for specific needs and owns a smaller user base.

Our experienced development team has built dozens of complex desktop and networked applications over the years. If you have a specific requirement or a great idea, contact us and we will get back to you with specifications and estimated price quote.

Development services

Hire dedicated developers
Being involved in application development for several years has exposed us to the best industry standards and practices. This experience and deep knowledge of our company and our clientele has allowed us to create our own flexible and reliable methodology and offer:

We use C#, C, C++ and Java technologies to create desktop application software, client-server applications and desktop games.