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Estonian Massage and Therapy School

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    Estonian Massage and Therapy School offers world-class massage and therapy training and is a leader in its field in Estonia and the Baltic States. Since 2000 Estonian Massage and Therapy School alumni have helped to form the top of the Olympic winners. Their paramedical masseuse graduates practice daily treatment and prevention of diseases. Our task was to create a new conception and develop the website. We identified the problems in the existing website and improved user experience design. We provided consultation to the client for ordering design and were responsible for programming the website. We used Wordpress content management system and developed several custom plugins to meet the user expectations and needs, which contribute to easily usable and modern website.
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    Client:Eesti Massaaži- ja Teraapiakool

    Manager:M. Ilves



Clientsabout us

  • Martin Ilves
    Unique approaches and good professional knowledge has led to a minimum of communication and electronic records management problems. Their initiative has offered support to more effective teaching. They orientate quickly in a changing IT environment and timely take action to change the situation or implement the innovations. Doing business is accurate and correct.
  • Priit Eiber
    Codetec is a professional team of skillful developers who has become a long-term partner to Itech Media Solutions. It is an ideal company to be trusted with even the most complex projects. Their excellent communication skills ensure a remarkable quality of the deliverables. A highly reliable partner.
  • Vishal Sharma
    The Codetec team was very responsive and very professional. They worked with us to accomplish all the goals of the project. What I especially valued was the time they took to do a code walk-through and a number of aspects that they tested out to see how the program would behave. Delivered a very valuable software that will be extremely useful in meeting our objectives for the program.

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